Why is Linx so much better?

Linx is the first fully integrated lower limb system with microprocessor control meaning the foot and knee continuously talk to each other to optimise performance. Linx actively manages movement at foot and knee for any terrain you choose.

Increased safety

Linx is safer thanks to the 'situational awareness' sensors, ensuring response and support on any terrain without need for unnatural compensatory adjustments from other joints.

Less effort to walk

The Linx assist mode progressively adjusts stiffness and support depending on walking speed. Instantly responsive, and with efficiencies such as a reduction in hip power down slopes, Linx encourages activity.

Improved gait

The system dynamically aligns the joints throughout the gait cycle so that your every movement is assessed and incorporated into a seamless, natural walking style.

Reduced compensation

Postural compensation is natural, but beyond an optimal level, joint wear and tear becomes a painful problem. Back pain is prevalent among amputees due to over compensation. Linx’s self-alignment facility minimises the movement that aggravates this problem.

Reduced strain

The standing and flexion locks allow Linx to remain stable at both ankle and knee joints, whether on flat ground or on an incline. Linx is fully secure; maintaining balanced posture and even weight distribution on limbs and spine.